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Friday, September 9, 2011

Week 2: Game of the Week

The second week of college football is usually a little more exciting then the first. Some elite teams will take chances to travel to other BCS level schools, while others will continue playing cupcakes. This week sees a number of top 25 games (where last week only had 1), with a number of conference games sprinkled in.

So, which game is our game of the week this week? I'll give you a hint, it's not Michigan-Notre Dame.
Click to find out.

Week 2: ACC Predictions

The ACC has a number of match ups with the Big East, Big Ten and Pac 12 this week. They get the honor of hosting a top level team in Stanford, who could win the Pac 12 this year. Another match up pits ACC teams against each other in the second conference game of the season.

North Carolina QB Bryn Renner

North Carolina vs. Rutgers
Prediction: North Carolina 35, Rutgers 17
North Carolina's defense will manhandle Rutgers for at least 2 turnovers before the night is done. Rutgers had a nice win last week against an FCS foe, but they simply don't have enough firepower to hold on to a game against North Carolina. Fumbles, interceptions and an inability to score early will doom Rutgers before the first half is over.

Wake Forest vs. North Carolina State
Prediction: Wake Forest 24, North Carolina S. 28
I'm sure North Carolina state wishes a certain QB at Wisconsin had stuck around. Wilson leaving hurts them, but they still have a balanced offense and a potent defense. The Demon Deacons are going to have trouble holding on to the ball and while also stopping North Carolina State on defense. The game will be close, but I expect the North Carolina State offense to win the game for them late. Wake Forest had a hard time stopping Syracuse, it's difficult to expect them to stop North Carolina State.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Week 2: Big Ten Predictions

The Big Ten (12) is looking at a lot of different things this week. Will Texas or Oklahoma join them? Or Missouri? Can Michigan handle Notre Dame? Is Ohio State going to survive the suspensions? It's an exciting time, and this week brings some exciting games, so let's see what our predictions are.

Ohio State QB Joe Bauserman
Iowa @ Iowa State
Prediction: Iowa 35, Iowa State 14
Iowa-Iowa State has been tilted in favor of Iowa the last few years, and this year should be no different. Iowa State had a hard time taking care of Northern Iowa last week, that does not bode well for them even in a rivalry game at home. Expect another Iowa blowout.

#16 Michigan State vs. Florida Atlantic
Prediction: Michigan State 42, Florida Atlantic 7
Michigan State is looking to take the Big Ten this year with Ohio State down. That may or may not happen, but a team like Florida Atlantic certainly will not get in the way of BCS ambitions. Michigan State will sweep them aside in the first half. It really shouldn't be close by the final whistle.

#15 Ohio State vs. Toledo
Prediction: Ohio State 45, Toledo 10
Toledo plays Ohio State and Boise State within a 6 day span. That's impressive, and painful. Ohio State gets another easy home game as a tuneup for what is to come in the Big Ten. All those suspended players won't be missed against Toledo.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Week 2: Big 12 Predictions

The Big 12 shrunk to 9 official teams last weekend, making it even less likely that the conference can survive another year. With everyone looking for a way out, it will be nice to focus on football for a change. This week, the Big 12 goes with quality over quantity. With only 5 games on the slate it will be a short week for Big 12 fans.

Oklahoma State WR Justin Blackmon

#8 Oklahoma State vs. Arizona
Prediction: Oklahoma State 42, Arizona 14
Oklahoma State is one of my favorite teams to watch, their offensive firepower is usually pretty impressive and they are a pretty good team in most aspects. Arizona would normally be a good test for them, even at home, but this year's Arizona team is so riddled with injuries that it probably won't be close at halftime. The Cowboys looked impressive last week, expect more of the same this week at home.

#19 Missouri @ #23 Arizona State
Prediction: Missouri 10, Arizona State 28
Missouri looked very unimpressive last week against Miami(OH). This week they have to play a much stronger Arizona State team, on the road. The Sun Devils may be ranked a little to prematurely, but this weekend I expect them to prove their ranking this weekend against Missouri. Missouri is still a good football team who should end up ranked, but they will suffer against Arizona State this weekend.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Week 1: Plays of The Week

The plays of the week for the opening weekend of college football. I didn't make this video (otherwise I wouldn't have picked that music!) but I thought it was the best quality one on Youtube. It shows a number of top plays for the week, including some impressive catches and runs.

Plays of the Week:

I really like those first couple of catches in the video, very entertaining and athletic stuff.

Week 2: SEC Predictions

The SEC went 1-1 in marquee games during the first week of play, while the rest of the conference took care of business against weaker opponents. This week, the competition steps up for a few of the contenders for the SEC title. Others, however, stick to their easy scheduling with a few more FCS schools and tune up games.
How will the SEC teams fair this week? Let's find out.

Alabama QB A.J. McCaron
Kentucky vs. Central Michigan
Prediction: Kentucky 17, C.M 24
Pretty grizzly matchup between two teams that just aren't very good. Kentucky took care of Western Kentucky last week, but it was hardly an impressive performance. Central Michigan took out South Carolina State, again in unimpressive fashion. This weekend they will meet for what should be a fairly even match up. Home field advantage could swing this for Kentucky, though I think Central Michigan should be able to thwart the pressure. In the end, the game is a toss up that will be decided by less than 10 points on either side.

#3 Alabama @ #25 Penn State
Prediction: Alabama 35, Penn State 21
One of the candidates for my game of the week this week, Penn State vs. Alabama. In reality, the score probably won't be close after the first half. A Penn State team headed by Joe Paterno is always dangerous, and especially at home. However, if Alabama plays like a true top flight SEC team they shouldn't have any trouble escaping a less talented Penn State team. If Alabama doesn't take this game seriously (look at the score last year) they may find themselves in a bit of trouble before the night is thru.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Week 2: Independent Predictions

Last week saw the independents go 2-2 with Notre Dame and Army losing games. BYU, the newest independent school, won a close game on the road in SEC country while Navy roasted FCS Delaware. This week the independents run into some more challenging opponents. Can BYU take out Texas? Will Notre Dame continue to disappoint? We will see.

Notre Dame QB Dayne Crist
Army vs. San Diego State
Prediction: Army 14, San Diego S. 31
San Diego State hasn’t lost a game by more than 5 points in the last 18 months. They played Utah, TCU, BYU and others as closely as anyone last year. This year I expect them to be the surprise team in the MWC. Army will need to put in a great game to compete against San Diego State, and I don’t think it’s in them. Northern Illinois blew Army down last week, and I expect more of the same from San Diego State this week.

Navy @ Western Kentucky
Prediction: Navy 35, Western Kentucky 17
Navy should have this game on lock down, even on the road. Western Kentucky has the ability to keep the game close, but ultimately I think Navy prevails and sets up their match up against South Carolina next week.

Week 2: Pac 12 Predictions

USC WR Robert Woods
The Pac 12 looked, in a word, terrible last week. They were one of two major conferences to lose a game to an FCS school (and almost lost a second), while also losing most major contests against other BCS level schools.
This week it gets even tougher for the Pac. Ranked teams Oklahoma State, Missouri and Wisconsin are on the table for some of the Pac 12 teams this week. Without some good performances against these teams the Pac 12 may face scrutiny throughout the rest of the season.

Arizona @ #8 Oklahoma State
Prediction: Arizona 14, Oklahoma State 42
Arizona had some serious struggles against a North Arizona team last week at home. This week they will travel to Oklahoma State, and it won’t be a pretty. The Cowboys have one of the best offensive games in the country and Arizona had a hard time scoring against North Arizona last week. I would be very surprised if the Wildcats can keep up with Oklahoma State, particularly on the road.

#23 Arizona State vs. #19 Missouri
Prediction: Arizona State 28, Missouri 10
Missouri looked about as unimpressive as anyone last week against Miami (OH). Their offense looked anemic and they let Miami stay in the game throughout the fourth quarter. Arizona State, on the other hand, was one of the more impressive Pac 12 teams last week. UC Davis is not Missouri, but the way Arizona State handled UC Davis looks promising for their season. Missouri will put up a challenge but ultimately home field advantage and a more impressive Arizona State team will win the day.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Week 1: Top 25 Poll

Our Top 25 Poll doesn't have much movement from the preseason poll, yet some significant changes do occur across the board. One team fell out of the Top 10 while two fell out of the Top 25 in what was a fairly easy week for most of the top teams.

Top 25 Poll:
  1. LSU
  2. Oklahoma
  3. Alabama
  4. Stanford
  5. Boise State
  6. Florida State
  7. Wisconsin
  8. Oklahoma State
  9. Texas A&M
  10. Nebraska

Week 1: Top 25 Scores

A quick score overview for the Top 25 teams in the country as a prelude to our Top 25 Poll for the week.

(1) Oklahoma 47, Tulsa 14
(2) Alabama 48, Kent St. 7
(3) Oregon 27, (4) LSU 40
(5) Stanford 57,
San Jose State 3
(6) Boise State 35, Georgia 21
(7) Florida State 34, LA-Monroe 0
(8) Wisconsin 51, UNLV 17
(9) Oklahoma State 61, LA-Lafayette 34
(10) Texas A&M, SMU Sunday