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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Week 1: Game of the Week

The first week of the college football season is usually home to some of the less interesting games of the year. It doesn't really matter though, since football being back is exciting enough for most people. This first week of the season has it's share of the uninteresting beat downs that every year has, but it also has a few gems. Some of the games this week have the potential to be exciting, close fights. In some cases we may even have a classic game for the ages in this first week of play.

So, which game is our game of the week this week? Click to find out.

Game of the Week: Oregon vs. LSU @ Cowboy Stadium

LSU QB Jaret Lee
It should come as no surprise to anyone that this is the game of the week. Hell, it may just be the game of the year depending on how other teams fare later down the road. Whatever the case, this game should be a classic despite it's missing stars. Oregon will be playing without All-American CB and Punt Returner Cliff Harris, while LSU will be missing their starting QB Jordan Jefferson. These losses have certainly hurt what was sure to be a great game, but we feel that this will still be a great battle.

The battle will come from Oregon's offense vs. the LSU defense. Namely, can Oregon's offensive line (with 3 new starters) hold a very large and experienced LSU defensive line. This will be the key to the game because if Oregon can get Heisman trophy finalist LaMichael James open space he has the potential to be a game breaker. into the back 7 continuously they will be able to put points on the board. A second battle will be the Oregon secondary vs. the LSU offense. Oregon will be without their starting MLB and will have little experience along the back 7. If LSU can push the ball into the backfield continuously they will have many chances to score against a very green group of Oregon defenders.
Even with these battles and potential defensive liabilities I expect this to be a fairly close, low scoring game. Oregon and LSU are both missing players but neither side will have the right to complain when all is finished. If everything pans out this should be the marquee match up for the college football season as a whole.

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Final Prediction: Oregon 24, LSU 17